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DV Lottery – FAQ

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Annually, the DV Lottery Program which is commonly called greencard lottery licenses 50,000 visas to people all around the world. All 50,000 winners have been issued a greencard that authorizes the applicants and their loved ones to work and live in the United States. Unlike the other visa requirements, DV lottery has got fewer qualifications requirements which are needed to participate in the lottery app:

– that the applicant must be from a qualifying country. In case the applicant isn’t born in an eligible country he or she could declare eligibility through her or his spouse given the spouse is from an eligible land. If the applicant is not married, then he or she might qualify togel hongkong her parents when either one of their parent’s from an eligible land.

– applicant must meet both education or work experience requirement. The applicant must posses a high school education or its equivalent OR has to possess 2 yrs work experience in the past five years.

The winners of the draw will be notified by mail with further directions along with the fee demand.

1. Why certain countries are not eligible for the DV lottery application?

DV lottery is meant to provide an immigration opportunity for individuals from various regions that have lower rates of immigration to usa every year. Regulations says that regions with high entry rates should not be provided the eligibility to participate in the lottery.

These will be the states that a total of 50,000 individuals in the Family-Sponsored and also Employment-Based visa categories immigrated to the USA during the previous five decades. Annually the USCIS adds the admission amounts (family and labour legislation ) for the last five years to identify the regions whose natives will soon be ineligible for the annually held DV lottery application. That is because another determination is made before each annual lottery app where few states eligible this season might well not qualify next 12 months.

2. Is there an age limitation for the participants?

No. There is no minimum age to apply for the lottery program, but the educational or the work experience requirement of each candidate in the time of application will effectively disqualify lots of people below age 18.

3. Can a man who has recently registered for an immigrant visa apply to the lottery program?

Yes, a person who has already registered in yet another immigrant category might take part in the lottery.


As soon as an entry or application was selected, the applicant will be notified by a letter by the Kentucky Consular Center, together with visa application guidelines.

5. What happens when a person gives birth or becoming married after the application is registered?

The spouse or the child might enter the USA along with the powerful offender on proving that the partnership was not created .

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