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Let’s Go to the Movies!

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The living room is among the very fun rooms at your home to redecorate. All of the family members can have entered into the decorating process and have even part of the space which is theirs. Some reason that the family room is fun to redecorate is the room might be painted. And the subject can be whatever that the household agrees on. There are techniques to reflect almost any motif chosen-from music to animals to space.

Since the room probably has a television set in it and is most likely where the majority of your family TV seeing is completed, why don’t you leave the room into a house version of a movie theater? With such a motif, the decorating ideas will probably come fast and furious. Since the”cinema display” will be the focus of everyone else’s attention, this feature should find a good deal of planning and thought. Could you install a complete wall-size screen with an overhead projection system dangled from the ceiling? The control panel to your own audio and video could be installed at a wall and accessed with remote control devices. If such an arrangement is not feasible, choose the largest screen TV that you can afford that will fit the room spatially.

Since lots of people may use the room from time-to-time-family members, mature guests, kids’ sleepovers, etc-you may wish plenty of chairs. Reclining chairs, comfy sofas, reclining love chairs will all make viewing more enjoyable. Arrange the seating so that everybody has a view of the screen. In case the chairs may have receptacles for drinks, and so forth so much the better.

The walls might be adorned with big playbill movie ads of family favorite movies. At the entrance into the area you may have a wall-board with detachable type which has space for messages and texts. The”picture of the week” could be the name of anyone with a birthday party inside the room.

If you have space in the area, you may add a little sink and a little ice box for tackling snacks and popup. You may buy one of the tiny home-size popcorn manufacturers and serve up hot popcorn in theater type totes.

This will undoubtedly be an”active” room and spills and injuries will probably soon be inevitable. Policy with this eventuality with stain resistant, scratch resistant hardwood flooring. To generate the room comfy and also a floor cozy for sleeping bags and blankets, put down rugs carpeting. The rugs can be woven or printed from layouts that fit the movie theater theme. Angle the carpets or set them for attention. Large throw pillows can be scattered about for extra chairs or napping. Some pillows can be piled using one of those rugs rugs to earn a little center for games or a reading region.

Just because a great deal of movies will be shown within this room, the window coverings will need to be so dense that all outside light may be filtered out. The area light needs to be adjustable from”away” to”bright.” After the picture screen isn’t on and people want to play games or cards read, the light should accommodate. Individual footlocker kind storage slabs could hold games or books or activities for various family members and each member could decorate their own”treasure chest.” A book case with shelves and doors can shoot photographs, CD’s, cards, games, etc..

Since the room is very informal and used for various uses, color-coordinated walls and rugs rugs and furniture are less vital as in several other rooms in the house. What is important is that everybody else feels comfortable in this area and that they are not afraid to”live” in this space. To that end, have furniture, lamps, rugs, and furnishings that are durable and cleanable.

How neat would it be for Mom to state “It’s time for you to visit the movie”? And everyone else follows the odor of freshly popped popcorn into the next room, just in time to catch the house lights going down and also the movie soundtrack arising.

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