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My Texas Hold’em Poker – Top Ten Tips From A Novice Point Of View

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The true origin of Texas Hold’em Poker is still unknown, although there are many different theories circulating there. One theory suggests that it began in Robstown, Texas about 1900. The Texas Hold’em has been hugely popular, namely for several reasons; The World Series Poker has been televised since the 70’s, with cable TV broadcasting around the world and internet poker enabling poker players to be comfortable in their living room with cash prizes for free sites or online casinos. Another reason Texas Hold’em Poker is so popular is the game itself; It is a fast game enabling players to join all abilities. It is possible to have many games in quick succession which keeps the player drawn into the game. The game itself has great depth to it, and the ability to read the deception and being able to read your opponents, which sets itself apart from other standard card games.

Here are ten tips on how to be a successful poker player; poker online

1) Patience is a virtue! Every game, this is a big mistake. Unless you have a good hand, be cautious if you play, you need a strong and powerful hand ideally in order to play. You can remove a certain amount of luck from the equity by ensuring that you have a good hand to start with. It is also important to remember that if you are starting from a position that other players may raise and re-raise, this is especially important in this instance, you may simply be throwing your chips away.

2) Know the poker face! Observe your opponents if they know how to take risks, look at their face and hand. A good time to observe if you fold and are not in the game. Of course, players will also try and keep your toes and make themselves unpredictable. Poker players do all have styles, so try and watch theirs.

3) Know When to Bluff. Bluffing is a serious business, make sure you know how and when to bluff. In The Famous Words of Abraham Lincoln;

” You can fool some people all the time, and you can fool some people all the time, ” – Abraham Lincoln.

Poker in Bluffing is essentially the whole idea. You need to think about your opponents in a good hand so that they can put more money on the table. Or alternatively, when they think you have a good hand and you don’t have to keep them in the game. Hence, they will then ‘fold’ so you win the hand. However, you would have lost the game if you had lost the ‘calling’ cards. These are the two most obvious forms of bluffing. However, there are many reasons to bluff and times when you may use different styles of bluffing depending on your opponents.

For example, when playing with tight players you may be able to take on the risk, or depending on what cards you are on the table you may want to take the bluff on, for example pairs, 4 of a kind, flush etc. Also remember that while you are bluffing happily, your opponents may well be doing the same thing, after all bluffing is another game that is as much used as Texas Hold’em.

4) Know the game. If you know the cards you need to get a good hand and what the maximum is, you can get as many other players as you can from what surmising is on the table. Even if you read the basics, for example raise a player chooses, when a third suited card is turned over, or if there is a pair and someone can make a full house or flush.

5) The flop. Knowing to stay in the game and play after the flop is important, as poker author Shane Smith has coined the phrase; ‘Fit or Fold’, if your hand does not fit the cards on the table after the flop and there is a bet in front of you, you should fold. It is said that after the flop your game is 71% complete you have 5 cards out of 7, assuming you stay in the game until the end. With this in mind, if you don’t have a strong hand then you may lose a lot more.

6) This may seem obvious; But never show your hand unless you have to. in the call. All too often when outing players may reveal their hand, this is a bad habit! Don’t show your opponents, or even one opponent, when the game is over, keep them from being.

7) Be mindful of the number of other players. The more players in the game the more likely someone else will have a good hand. So try to be more cautious at every stage of the game, with your first 2 cards depending on the game or fold.

8) Let other players eliminate themselves, this is relevant in tournaments. By holding back you will ensure that you stay in the game and reduce players. This will increase your chance of winning and guaranteeing you will have the money and enablement.

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