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The Football Widow

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The official word for a”football widow,” is any woman engaged with a relationship having a sports fan (usually a spoonful of football, football, or rugby) who pays attention to the match than with their partner during the game’s season of play. Football widows usually have casino online if any interest from the sport themselves.

These women are made to fend for themselves throughout the NFL season. If you do not believe me, then visit the net and browse some of the football blogs. These poor forsaken girls are hanging out their souls to anyone who will listen.

They have been easy to recognize because there will not be a boyfriend or husband round for miles-the men are at home warming up the couch and big screen television.

Whoever has it that these men sit in front of their tv sets so long they begin to grow cobwebs. You will recognize them on Monday morning because they will have spiders nesting in their own hair.

I have already been an NFL fan for over 30 decades. I own NFL memorabilia, pictures and cups of my favorite team. I’m a recovering NFL enthusiast and try to limit myself to watching no more than 4 games each week.

Most women do not know the insanity that simplifies a guy during an NFL game.

They can not explain why is a grown man put to a Viking helmet wear a dress and a pig snout and call himself a”hog.”

I do not understand the insanity either. Just the mere idea of a 300 pound linebacker crushing some 200 pound is sufficient to send me on the edge.

Being a former enthusiast, I can provide some helpful information into this football widow. Give your man household jobs he can complete while sitting on the sofa. As an example, my wife gives me clothes to fold while I see matches.

My final solution would be by using this time for you to bond with your individual. . .since you can’t lawfully beat him, why don’t you join him?

Ladies, I advise you to go to the library and invest in a football guide. If you become enlightened, you’re able to sit with your man and revel in the game with him.

Trust me, he will undoubtedly be impressed when you tell him a sack is whenever the QB gets handled behind the line of scrimmage and never exactly what his beer was transported in.

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